A selection of incredible faces I’ve met around the world.

I was in Pàtzcuaro, Mexico when I took this photo. It was the week before dia de los muertos and the town was full of flower sellers. The old man approached me as he was selling those toys made out of a reed that trap your finger. I wasn't interested in buying one, but asked for a photo, which he was quite surprised about. I quickly snapped 3 photos, thanked him and he went on his way. In hindsight I wish I had spoken to the man some more to find out how old he was, if he had any children etc. His eyes certainly look like they have been through a lot.

We stayed with this family in Peru and in the morning I asked for a family portrait, which I then had printed and sent to them.

This gentleman came down to the waterside with the animal skins on his back, which were the covers from his bed. He spent a good 20 minutes beating them with the stick he was holding to give them a good clean in the shallow water.

Fruit & vegetable seller, Delhi India.

I was approached by this gentleman on a beach in Thailand. He was selling fresh pineapple, which he prepared using the stand.

A Karen hill tribe member. Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Robin. England. The glasses are Bausch & Lomb safety glasses from the 1950's, hence the crosses in the corners.

I volunteered in a Bolivian orphanage and on the last day took a large cake, which the children loved. I have no idea what the drink was though.

Model Yacht Club member. England.

Model Yacht Club member. England.

A blind street-performer. Chiang-Mai, Thailand.

Lime seller. Delhi, India.

Sweet seller. Delhi, India.

Onion seller. Delhi, India.

Old man. San Pedro La Laguna, Lago de Atitlàn.

Lady in a doorway. Portugal.

Old man. Portugal.

A lady selling traditional dress. Guatemala.

Orphan. Cambodia.

Orphan. Cambodia.

Portuguese Jose. England.

Girl waiting by the river banks. Laos.

Military man. Prague, Czech Republic

Old man splitting peas. Peru.