I was commissioned by easyJet Traveller magazine to photograph the uber-trendy Södermalm district of Stockholm. The brief was pretty simple – to photograph cool people in a cool place. I had a great time exploring the cafes, shops and bars in Södermalm, it really is a great place and well worth a visit.

This gentleman is an artist I met in a bar called Boule Hallen.

I met this couple outside Beyond Retro Stockholm. I didn't catch their names, but thought they were a nice looking couple.

My friend took me to a vibrant bar where I saw this group of people. The guy in the white shirt noticed I was taking a photo, so I got a great reaction from him.

One of the talented designers at 5Preview

Colourful clothes in Marimekko

Pärlans Konfektyr confectionery shop

Street performers on Götgatan, Södermalm

People relaxing on Nytorget, Södermalm.

People playing 'Round the World' table tennis at Boule Hallen. Each person had a bat and would take it in turns to hit the ball while running round the table. If you missed you were out. It was great to watch.

easyJet Traveller layout

easyJet Traveller layout