I’m going to be a dad

It’s generally considered a good idea to wait until the 3 month scan before telling people you’re going to have a baby, just to make sure everything is ok. I’m terrible at keeping secrets, so after only a few weeks I told my boss at work that I was going to be a dad and his reaction was so priceless I instantly knew I had to capture the reactions of my close friends and family. We hadn’t been trying for a baby and I was 29, which for London is fairly young to have a child, so I knew I’d get some good reactions.

My parents. They'd just bought a new camper van and were very eager to give us a guided tour. I said I'd take a quick photo of them sitting in the back, then told them our good news. My mum was so shocked.

Verity's brothers. Shocked by the news, but quickly returned to their game.

My sister. She lives in Australia, so the only way to tell her was on Skype.

Verity's sister. She'd come to stay the night and was just about to take her makeup off, when Verity said we should tell her. If we'd waited til after she'd taken her makeup off I don't think she'd let us use the photo.

Aimee. My good friend from work. We'd popped out for lunch in Putney when I gave her the good news. Her reaction was a loud fuck!

Dr Ben. We'd gone for a beer on Brick Lane when I told him.

My cousin Jon. We went to an illustration exhibition in Brick Lane when I told him outside.

Pete. My old school friend. He bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Jose. Another good friend from work.

We met a group of friends for a curry and told them just after the mains had arrived. They were all quite shocked.

Verity's best friend Caroline (Verity was sitting next to me).

John. Very happy for us.

Brothers & sisters Ann, Neil and Lou. I don't think Lou heard what I said as we were in a noisy pub.

Tom. Another old friend. We were in a pub and he wondered why I was so keen to follow him outside for a cigarette (I don't smoke). I just didn't want the other people in the group to hear.

Martin. He already has an 8 year old so was very happy for us.

Natalie. She hates this photo!

Ryan. Looks like Bruce Willis.

Max. The usher at the wedding we went to. He really doesn't like this photo.

Gavin & Katherine. I told them just before the formal photos on their big day.

Ant. Didn't really know what to say.

Hiten. We were on a boat trip on the Thames.

Harwin. He's gay and hates babies.

Matilda Sadie Robinson was born on 4th March 2011.