Over the years working as a location and portrait photographer I’ve learnt what equipment works for me and more importantly, what doesn’t. Below is a list of companies, who’s products I love to use.


Canon cameras

Having started with the 5D I, then upgrading to the II and III over the years I have grown to love this camera, it's features and most importantly the image quality - especially at high ISO. If you're starting out in photography I can highly recommend Canon.


Manfrotto tripods

I spent quite a while researching Manfrotto tripods and opted one that was the right balance of size and weight. They're great to use and are pretty much indestructible. If you're in the market for a tripod I'd look no further -


LaCie hard drives

I'm a bit obsessive about backing up as I would hate to loose my images (especially on a paid shoot). I use a variety of LaCie hard drives, including the Lacie Rugged when I'm on the road and the LaCie d2 at home. Check out their range here:


Scarpa footwear

I love a good pair of walking boots. For my South & Central America trip I bought a pair of Scarpa ZG65's and absolutely love them. Extremely comfortable, they don't get too hot and are look great. Have a look at their whole range here: