Central America & Mexico

I spent four months in Central America & Mexico, starting my journey in Panama and meandering up to Mexico. Below is a selection of the sights I saw along the way. Guatemala was my favourite country, it’s a beautiful country populated by very friendly people. The traditional dress is also beautiful and great to photograph. Travelling on the old American school buses is a fun experience and a great way to get chatting to the locals. Definitely better than the Gringo buses that zoom past in a cloud of dust.

The bright yellow church in San Andreas Xecul (Guatemala) is the most striking church I've seen in all my travels. Just as I arrived these dark storm clouds gathered in the background - travelling in the wet season can have its advantages.

Young girl in traditional dress. San Juan Chamula, Mexico.

Young girl in traditional dress. San Juan Chamula, Mexico.

I spotted these chickens at the market in Granada, Nicaragua. Their feet were tied together to stop them from running away.

Lago de Atitlàn, Guatemala. I'd tried photographing the lake at sunrise, but this shot taken at sunset was much more successful.

Market. Granada, Nicaragua.

Early morning market, Granada, Nicaragua. I'd strongly recommend visiting this market as everything is carried in by hand, usually on people's heads in the large wicker baskets. Tough work.

A man waiting to buy a banana. Las Vegas, Honduras.

Tucan, Guatemala.

Children running. San Andreas Xecul, Guatemala.

Local shop. Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras.

Guatemalan ladies in traditional dress carrying wicker baskets on their head. San Andreas Xecul, Guatemala.

View from the top of the town. San Andreas Xecul, Guatemala. If you look closely you can see the yellow church from the beginning of this series.

Women selling chickens in Chichicastenango, Guatemala. The women would stand in a row allowing potential buyers walking past to have a good look. I love the contrast of the chickens feathers against the Guatemalan traditional dress.

The bus station in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala is a busy, bustling place full of interesting characters going about the daily life. I could have spent a long time photographing there.

Saddlery. Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras.

Crabs woven together with vine. Sololà, Guatemala. Very popular with the locals.

These Guatemalan women were very busy bartering at the market in Sololà, Guatemala. I love their traditional dress.

Men in traditional dress. Fiesta San Francisco de Asis. Panajachel, Guatemala.

A man sets up his market stool in Chichicastenango, Guatemala.

A ma performs a religious ritual outside the church in Chichicastenango, Guatemala.

A man carries his market stool up a steep street in Chichicastenango, Guatemala.

People selling flowers on the steps of the church in Chichicastenango, Guatemala. I sat on these steps for a good half an hour to watch the world go by. A wonderful place.

Flower garland resting against a graffiti covered wall. Mexico.

This woman gave me a begrudging look when she spotted me with my camera. The large piece of meat in front of her provided the perfect cover. Oaxaca, Mexico.

Playa Cocles, Costa Rica. I spotted the lady walking down the beach while I was doing a long-exposure shot. I quickly adjusted the camera settings and waited til she was precisely in between the two trees. Although very small I think she adds a lot to the composition.